Tu puedes ayudar a reforestar el mundo ¡bienvenido!
Tu puedes ayudar a reforestar el mundo ¡bienvenido!
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Shipping policy

Shipping Policy:

ReforestaShop offers free shipping on the vast majority of the products it offers. Free national and international shipments are made by Correos de México using the "Certified Mail" service, which can take from 3 to 16 weeks to deliver the packages. For no reason do we accept claims before the indicated time. ReforestaShop's responsibility in the event that Correos de México misplaces the package, is limited to replacement and shipping again by the same route, as long as the indicated time has elapsed.

In some cases, a specialized package will be used. In these cases, a corresponding guide number will be granted.

In the case of international purchases, ReforestaShop will not be held responsible for the product if it has been detained or confiscated by the customs of the countries upon arrival . The buyer accepts that there will be no returns or refunds in the event that the authorities of their country do not allow the entry of the product. Please check the restrictions or phytosanitary conditions of the customs of your country.

ReforestaShop will provide its customers with the corresponding guide number if they have one. All shipments are regularly made 24 hours after receiving payment for the merchandise.